The Bayou Magic Story

    See there was this rumor going around the bayou back in the day...

    Well, there seems always a rumor coming from the bayou! Yet this one particular rumor had been growing and building for years – a whispered secret – rare like summer breeze through moss-hung cypress.

    A rumor of a man custom blending Cajun spice from an age-old Acadian family recipe. A rumor of a Jambalaya mix, balanced perfect and easy to prepare. A rumor of a Cajun Rice dressing whose "dirty" little secret was being the best in Louisiana! These rumors turned out to be true and folks started calling this mysterious man the Originator .

    For years this man – Sidney L. Campbell Jr. – had been working his bayou magic, developing his spice and mix blends, gifting to lucky family and friends batches of his Acadian alchemy. Rumor became truth and the word spread.

    People were asking, “How can I get me some of that Bayou Magic?!”

    Folks first got Bayou Magic through the grapevine. They got it in styrofoam cups, they got it in brown paper bags, they got Cajun seasoning in shakers and eventually they got Bayou Magic mixes in "higher" tech zip-lock bags, all with homespun labels. Bayou Sid Campbell, the Originator “often imitated, never duplicated” knew he had to spread the magic further.

    On August 17th 1987 the first “official” Bayou Magic products were delivered into receiving at the Albertsons on Southfield Road in Shreveport, LA.

    6 Cajun Rice mix, 6 Jambalaya mix, and 6 Cajun Seasoning shakers. Just 18 items… yet 18 items folks could get themselves at the store, without having to know the friend of a cousin who could get them some Bayou Magic! 

    Today, Bayou Sid is still originating! The Bayou Magic family and product line have continued to grow into kitchens nationwide, worldwide – kitchens where Bayou Magic fans become Magicians.

    Thank you for being part of our Bayou Magic Story
    "Be a Magician in your Kitchen... and Thrill on the Grill" ™

    Enjoy U Self!